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Easy ways to create space in your living room

Your living room is, perhaps, the most prominent space in your home. Having enough space for you and your guests to relax in is of utmost importance if you’re looking to foster a healthy, welcoming environment. However, achieving the illusion of having sufficient space in your living room can be especially tricky. Here are a few tips on how to make your living room seem bigger:
Decorate the space in lighter colours
Darker colours make everything seem smaller. Try and avoid them by painting the walls a lighter, more neutral tone. This will immediately open up the space, making everything seem much bigger and far less overwhelming.
Make use of mirrors
Mirrors create the illusion of there being double the amount of space that there really is. Add a big, feature mirror if possible – you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it will make. Glass is also a really good decorative material to use as it will also make the room bigger. Consider a glass coffee table instead of a dark or wooden one.
Try and let in as much light as possible
Choose living room curtains that will allow for light to come into the room during the day. The more light, the better. The darker a room appears to be, the smaller it will seem. Opt for light-weight, airy curtains that will open up the space.
If possible, go for an open-plan kitchen and living room
While this is not always the easiest thing to do, creating an open-plan living space is always a good idea. Find out more about Sansbury’s services, and we will be able to help you come to a feasible, affordable solution. We specialise in [...]

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How to make your home more energy efficient this winter

As winter approaches, so do the thoughts of increased electricity bills. The constant use of heaters and electric blankets, the need to switch those lights on earlier and the undeniable need for warm, hearty meals instead of a quick salad is sure to send those bills sky-rocketing. However, there are a few quick, easy and cost-effective ways to reduce your energy bills and lighten your carbon footprint this winter. Just follow these simple steps:
Change your light bulbs
Traditional light bulbs are far more expensive than you think, and they don’t last nearly as long as energy-saving ones do. Not only is the glow from energy-saving bulbs much brighter than the glow from regular bulbs, but they are also just as easy to install and change.
Insulation is key
You can ask anyone who works in renovations and maintenance – insulation is key during winter, for a number of reasons. It won’t just keep the house warm, it will protect the interior of the house from water damage. The roof is always the best place to start with insulating your home, especially in older houses.
Turn the heat down
Once your insulation is in effect, you won’t need to turn the heaters up as high as you ordinarily would. Turning a heater down by just one degree means that you could save up to a tenth of your current electricity bill, if not more. As a rule of thumb, heating any room up by just five degrees higher than the temperature outside will help your body temperature regulate to the climate, meaning you stay warmer on less heat.
Prevention is better than cure
Don’t let any drafts in. Instead, seal off any cracks coming [...]

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What to consider before renovating your bathroom

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is one of your home’s most important spaces. It needs to be convenient, relaxing and well equipped for all members of your family. That’s why it is pivotal to make sure that your bathroom is always in tip-top condition. If you’re considering making a few changes and renovations to it, think about the following factors before embarking on what could turn out to be quite a mammoth task.
Trust the experts
A bathroom’s makeover is not as easy as any other room’s would be, especially because things like tiling and plumbing need to be considered. For any big tasks, get experts involved. Sansbury Renovations & Maintenance, for example, offers a wide range of products and services that could make the whole experience much easier and far less stressful. Not only do they have the expertise to complete the task properly, but it will probably be completed much more efficiently than if you had to do it alone.
Carefully consider your choice of tiles
The tiles you choose for your bathroom need to be durable, and preferably, easy to clean. They also need to be a fairly safe option, as wet tiles can become a serious hazard. We recommend going for a textured tile, or lots of smaller tiles with numerous grout lines, this provides extra grip.
Height is important
When it comes to bathroom accessories such as towel rails or robe hooks, you need to consider the heights of everyone living in the house. There is no set formula for working this out, but you need to make informed decisions about where to place things – you don’t want to have to stand on your tip-toes every time [...]

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How to heat up your home this winter

The sudden drop in temperature can only mean one thing – winter is well on its way. After one of the country’s hottest summers on record, the days of hot chocolate, thick socks and winter onesies are fast approaching. As wonderful as spending evenings in front of the fire place may sound, we can really only enjoy it once we’re properly prepared for the rainy days and icy cold. Sansbury offers a range of services, including interior design and renovations that can make your home that little bit more winter-friendly. Take a look at some of the suggestions we came up with on how to heat your home in time for winter:

Seal the cracks

Prevent cold drafts from getting into your home by sealing off any cracks and spaces between doors. Sealants are easy to use and are lasting, making it a permanent solution to beating the chilly weather. You’d be surprised at just how much cold air can get through all of those tiny cracks.

Use thick curtains

As pretty as your flimsy summer curtains may be, they easily let out heat and let cold air get in. The thicker the curtain, the greater the heat retention. So, if you have a heater in your living room, a thick curtain will trap the heat better than a thin one.  It’s a simple fix and winter curtain fabrics can be just as beautiful as their summer counterparts.

Look up

The one rule that Grade Seven Science classes taught us is that hot air rises and cool air sinks. If you live in a double story house, spend more time upstairs. It will be infinitely warmer than downstairs, and you will spend less on electricity bills trying to heat the [...]

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7 Tips to Give Your Bathroom a Facelift

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house yet it’s so often forgotten about. No one wants to unwind in the bath surrounded by rather dreary walls and sad-looking cabinet exteriors. Injecting new life into your beloved bathroom doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune; it’s about being smart about the changes you make and not being afraid to get a little creative. Here are seven easy tips courtesy of the renovations and maintenance experts at Sansbury that will help you give your bathroom that much needed makeover.

1) Lose the Clutter

The first vital step is going through your bathroom and getting rid of any unnecessary extras. Having a million and one bottles, containers and knick-knacks covering every surface in the bathroom can be overwhelming, not to mention unappealing. Be strict with yourself and throw away the things you no longer use or want. Hopefully there’s a cabinet or cupboard in there already that you can use for storage but if need be you can always buy some decorative storage containers. They help to neaten things up and they look good doing it. It wouldn’t hurt to give everything a good scrub too.

2) Face Paint

A new lick of paint has been known to change the feel of a room entirely. This is definitely true of the bathroom as well. You can choose to go along with the existing colour palette in your home or you can go with a colour scheme that is completely different – as long as you love it. It’s important to bear in mind that lighter, more neutral colours can make a room look deceptively large which is particularly great if you have a pokier bathroom. Darker [...]

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5 decorating tips for your first home

Owning a home has long been held as the quintessential symbol of achievement but for many buying your first home can seem like daunting task. Regardless of how stressful and scary it might seem, there certainly isn’t much that can top the feeling of being a proud home-owner for the very first time. Once all the finer details of purchasing a property has been sorted out; comes the more exciting task of decorating your first home. Here are five points to consider when turning your first house into a home.

Spring clean & size up

Before you even start thinking about colour palettes and themes you will need to do some spring cleaning and assess which of your old furniture items you will be bringing with you into your new home. Remember that this is a fresh start and with proper planning and some foresight you can start decorating your dream home exactly the way you had always imagined. Old furniture can be donated or you can sell it online to generate funds for your redecorating adventure. Make sure that all the walls and surfaces are cleaned and primed so that you have an empty slate to work with. The old adage goes “measure twice, buy once”, measure your living spaces, windows, hallways, doorways and focus walls to make sure that if you want to purchase a large item of furniture or contract an expert to put in a custom made bookcase or shelving unit that you have the right measurements to work with.


Stick to a neutral palette

This is probably the best advice you’ll receive, no matter how tempting it is to commit yourself to something bright and beautiful in the long term you might not [...]

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